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Italian music you will love

Many know Italy because of their pizza, pasta and high fashion, but they are also good in other important things in life, such as music. Italy is famous for opera and classical music, especially the instrumental and vocal one, but over the last century, the Italian music scene developed in many other directions such as pop, rock, jazz and other well known genres.

The heart and soul of music in Italy remained the theatre and classical music, and it is good so, because they do it much better than others. Music plays an important role in Italian politics and in their social life, and it holds traditionally and important position in their national and ethnical identity. They made a huge impact on the whole world of classical music, because they influenced and enabled the developing of opera, theatre, symphony and orchestra.

Everyone knows about Pavarotti and the great tenors and operas, but the fun thing is that if you really listen to the singers, you will feel the emotion even if you don't speak their language and don't understand any word of what they are saying. If you want to experience that in Italy, than visit the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma in Rome and enjoy the music as well as the interior and fantastic atmosphere.

Modern music in Italy

If you are not that much of a classical music lover, than you will still have something to hear in Italy. The best way is to let an escort Italia from http://www.escortitalia.com/ lead you through all the music venues you can visit all over Italy and even show you some places with incredible wines and delicious food, because they somehow don't know how to separate those three things.

One of the venues in Italy that will give you the experience of Italian music is the Umbria Jazz Festival, and as the name says there you can hear some great Italian jazz. Native, but also foreign jazz artists come and perform on this festival, some famous names as B.B. King, Prince, James Brown and many others performed on this festival over the last years. The festival is being held every year since 1973 in the city Perugia and it is one of the world's most important jazz festivals. There is even a winter variant of the Umbria Jazz Festival held in December in Orvieto, the name adds only winter between Umbria and Jazz.

But if you are more of a rock, DJ and indie music fan, than the Sinister Noise Club will be the right place for you to spend the night. The interior is quite interesting and the music is really good, they let often new Italian artists perform, and the genre is mostly rock, but they are good, you will see.

One more rock venue, but this time a historic one, is the Init club. The atmosphere there is amazing and the music even better. You can meet new people there, especially eccentric locals, punks and indie girls. If live music is not your thing, then you will still be able to enjoy this place, because they have an outdoor bar which is quite surreal because it is set under the Felice aqueduct.

You see that there are many things to be explored in Italy, especially when it comes to music, so take your time and feel free to try new things, because they are totally different in Italy.