Famous Italian singers and bands

Italy is known for its beautiful sea, good food and wine and a rich and long cultural history. It is the land of high fashion, famous painters and good looking people, but one thing you did not know - they are also good at music.

It is always interesting to hear music and songs played and sung in an unknown language, because then you concentrate on the emotions, think about what it could be and try to realize that by only hearing the sound. But you can also learn so much about a country by only hearing the music they play and create there.

The most famous Italian pop singer is Laura Pausini, she is a solo pop artist and has won four World Music Awards, also known as WMAs, and one Grammy. She sings mostly in Italian and Spanish and she had many collaborations with singers known in the whole world like Kylie Minogue and Marc Anthony.

There are also other famous female artists in Italy, but the most famous male singer is Tizziano Ferro, who is known to be the modern face of Italian pop music. He placed the best selling Italian album in 2012 which gained him some world attention too. Famous Italian rock singers would be Ligabue, Vasco Rossi and Negro Amaro.

But there are not only individuals that make it on the Italian music scene, they have also some quite good bands such as Litfiba, Subsonica, Bluvertigo, Meganoidi and many others who sing in both English and Italian.

Outside Italy you can find and hear a few names on the music scene that are certainly Italian. Those would be the famous singers Andrea Bocelli, he is an opera and classical singer, and Eros Ramazzotti. The last one is known because of his great talent and unique voice, and also because of his collaborations with Cher, Tina Turner and Andrea Bocelli.